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Google Fined Over Street View Probe

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Google has been fined $25,000 by the FCC over the investigation into the allegations that the company’s Street View cars illegally collected data from Wi-Fi networks as they drove past homes and businesses. As you may know, Google's street view cars are collecting images and data for Google maps world wide. "As Google’s cars rolled from town to town, they also gathered unencrypted information from open wireless networks called “payload data.”Google picked up emails, text messages and web searches being made while the Street View cars were rolling close enough to pick up a wireless signal, according to [URL=""]The Washington Post[/URL]. " An article from [URL=""]Mashable[/URL] details this information plus more details on the Google car controversy. Google says that the data collection was accidental however legal. The FCC is unhappy with Google's stall tactics and since the Google cars collected data worldwide several other countries are investigating this issue as well.

Before you start feeling bad for Google and their $25,000 fine, keep in mind that is[URL=""] less than they spend for lunches[/URL] in a single day.

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