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Happy #4SqDay!

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Today was the 2nd annual Four Square Day (#4SqDay) and so named because of the date today: 4 squared = 16. Fans of Foursquare in Tampa, FL started the day in 2010 and it is now a world wide event with planned 4SqDay events in so many cities around the world and many city officials declare 4/16 Foursquare Day as an official day in their city. Having a day to celebrate a start up application is a huge compliment, but the folks at Foursquare have even more to celebrate today as they reached a milestone: [URL=""]20 million users[/URL].

Did you check into Foursquare today and earn your #4SqDay Badge?

[URL=""]Foursquare marks its day (4/4^2) with 20 million milestone[/URL]

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