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Google Loses Australian Court Battle

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An Australian court has overturned a previous ruling and found Google liable for misleading AdWords ads. Google will have to pay court costs, but is not responsible for any fine or monetary damages according to Australian Trade Practices Act. The center of the attention and controversy are 11 Adwords ads, the appeal focused on 4 of the ads and Google was found liable for misrepresenting most specifically the landing page of the ads. The Australian judge found that Google's practices were deceptive to consumers. "In one case, users were led to believe by virtue of the ad title that they would be taken to the website, when in fact the ad was for another website called CarSales. The advertisements in question appeared in 2007. Similar misleading ads directed users to STA Travel, AlphaDog Training, and Just 4x4 magazine." - [URL=""]SearchEngineWatch[/URL]

Google [URL=",%20rather%20the%20advertiser%20is.%20%20%3C/p%3E%3Cp%3EGoogle%20won%20this%20previously%20in%20an%20Australian%20court%20but%20an%20appeals%20court%20overturned%20the%20ruling%20yesterday.%3C/p%3E%3Cp%3EYou%20can%20read%20ACCC's%20%3CA%20href="]maintains[/URL] that the Adwords platform is too large to monitor and that they should not be held liable for their users deceptive ads.

The [URL=""]SEORoundTable[/URL] site points out that there are two sides to this story and a controversial discussion is brewing over at the [URL=""]WebMasterWorld Forums[/URL].

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