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Stats on Purchases from Pinterest

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Pinterest is still enjoying popularity as the new social media kid on the block, and its popularity is growing more and more each day. Media Post analyzed studies and polls to gather information that Pinterest is not just a social site, it is driving sales from pins. Although recipe and food inspiration is the highest on the list of top pins, consumers are definitely purchasing things they pin, especially in the categories of food & cooking, clothing & fashions, home decor, and crafting.[URL=""] Media Post[/URL] reporting figures from studies and polls: "a recent study suggests it prompts consumers to make purchases. Some 21% of respondents to a recent survey with a Pinterest account have purchased a product after seeing a picture on the site.

The PriceGrabber survey of 4,851 U.S. online consumers conducted between March 13 and 26 reveals that respondents who purchased a product based on seeing it strictly on Pinterest were asked to select all items purchased: 33% said food and cooking; 32%, fashion and clothing; 30%, home decorating; and 26%, crafts."

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