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Facebook Building New Search Engine

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Facebook seems to be taking a flying leap directly at Google by building their own search engine. [URL=""]BusinessWeek[/URL] is reporting that Facebook has a team of engineers that are led by a former Google programmer and they are working on improving the search within Facebook. From [URL=""]Mashable[/URL], "The idea, according to two sources, is to take better advantage of the heaps of content Facebook users create on — and off — the site every day. With people sharing status updates and supporting brand pages on the network, as well as using Facebook’s “Like” button to mark articles and videos from external sites, there is certainly a lot to take advantage of."

Could Facebook really threaten Google's search engine dominance? If any company could it might be Facebook, especially since Google has focused their search efforts on intuitiveness and social influence on search and Facebook is the obvious king in the social network arena.

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