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Facebook's New Brand Page Timeline Checklist

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Facebook's new Timeline for brands is a game changer for a lot of brands on Facebook, and they have to adapt to keep up with the rules and aesthetics of the new layout all the while still keeping up their community, communication, and strategy. Here is a checklist for Facebook Timeline for brands from [URL=""]GrayWolf's Blog[/URL]:
[B]New Guidelines[/B][/COLOR]
[COLOR=#111111]With the new time line format, Facebook released a new set of [URL=""]brand guidelines[/URL]. You can read the page for specifics, but some of the important points to remember are:[/COLOR]
[LIST][*]Don’t use a cover image you don’t have the copyright for or permission to use (more on the cover image later in this post)[*]Don’t use pricing or calls to action in cover image. I suspect we’re going to see a lot of people get creative in “breaking” the spirit of this rule while staying within the actual rule itself[*]Don’t try to incentivize liking or sharing in your cover image. Again, I suspect people will get pretty creative playing within the rules here[*]The contact information, such as physical address, telephone, email and web address, should only be in the “about” area of your profile[/LIST][h=2]Cover Image[/h][COLOR=#111111]The cover image is probably the first thing you’ll notice about the new timeline format. The new Facebook cover image size is 851px X 315px (that’s 851 pixels wide by 350 pixels high).
[h=2]Engagement and Messaging[/h]Instead of doing customer service in public on their Facebook wall, brands can now have private messages with customers/fans. Hopefully this will remove some organization’s concerns about getting involved on Facebook and social media in general.
[h=2]Loss of Landing Pages[/h]One of the biggest complaints about the new format is the loss of a default landing page. In the old system, you could “guide” the customer’s experience with different landing pages. This gave brands a lot of control, but it was also heavily abused with like-gating and tricking people in sharing or linking you.
[h=2]Only 4 Tabs are Available[/h]Similar to landing pages, you used to have multiple tabs, but now you only have four. The first is the photos tabs and is “locked” into the first slot. If you haven’t done a anything with photos before, now would be a good time to backfill that area.
[h=2]Pin Featured Content[/h]If your company has an important post, message, or or offer, you can now “pin” that to the top. It won’t be displaced when you post new updates or upload new photos. Just keep in mind that you can only pin something for 7 days.
[h=2]Milestones[/h]Like personal pages, brand pages can now have milestones.
[h=2]Brand Name Changes and Vanity URL[/h]If you don’t have a brand page yet, choose wisely: once you pass 100 fans/followers, you can’t change it.


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