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Nokia Patents Haptic Tattoo Technology

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Nokia is banking on some futuristic technology with their new patent on Haptic Tattoo Technology. In the future Haptic Tattoos can connect a user to their phone and the tattoo will vibrate to alert the user of incoming calls or messages. Smart phones with touch screens now have haptic technology - the vibration when you "push" buttons on the touch screen is Haptic, but Nokia's patent takes that a step further connecting it to the users skin via a fabric interfacing or tattoo ink. Here is more details on it from [URL=""]Mashable[/URL] with a look at what could be our future:

"Vibrations could be customized depending on the person calling or type of message you’re receiving. So, the vibration for your girlfriend sending you a text message might feel a little different than your Mom calling to check in.In addition to being attached to your body in fabric form, the patent also suggests producing the same effect with ferromagnetic ink in the form of a tattoo. Ink would be demagnetized before it was placed on your body, and then magnetized again once your “Mom” tattoo was complete."

Do you think you would get a tattoo that permanently connected you with your technology?

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