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Google Making Ads Better for Everyone

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Google announced on their [URL=""]blog[/URL] some of the updates they have made to help fight against and discourage fake, fraudulent and misleading ads. They say it is working and that the number of bad ads being posted are declining. Here are some of the improvements:

Improvements to detection systems
Here are some important improvements that we’ve recently made to our systems:

[LIST][*]Improved “query watch” for counterfeit ads: While anyone can [URL=""]report counterfeit ads[/URL], we’ve widened our proactive monitoring of sensitive keywords and queries related to counterfeit goods which allows us to catch more counterfeit ads before they ever appear on Google[*]New “risk model” to detect violations: Our computer scanning depends on detailed risk models to determine whether a particular ad may violate our policies, and we recently upgraded our engineering system with a new “risk model” that is even more precise in detecting advertisers who violate our policies[*]Faster manual review process: Some ads need to be reviewed manually. To increase our response time in preventing ads from policy-violating advertisers, we sped up our internal processes and systems for manual reviews, enabling our specialists to be more precise and fast[*]Twenty-four hour response time: We aim to respond within 24 hours upon receiving a reliable complaint about an ad to ensure that we’re reviewing ads in a timely fashion[/LIST]

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