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'Unfriending' Trend on the Rise

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Reputation management and privacy issues are prompting more users to unfriend and unlike on social media platforms. As more and more users are becoming more alert about privacy concerns, it is causing an unfriending trend. Many users are concerned not only about privacy but about sharing personal information that might be used against them for future job interviews or relationships. This coupled with privacy concerns is causing many to unfriend people they may not know well and also tighten their privacy controls.

These statistics have been pulled out of a Pew research study done. [URL=""]Mashable[/URL] noticed that women are much more active in unfriending than men: "Women more than men are restricting their profiles, deleting comments and tailoring their profiles due to privacy and reputation concerns, according to a new Pew Research Centerís Internet Project & American Life [URL=""]study[/URL]. Researcher interviewed 2,277 Americans who were 18 or older on the phone to gain information about what the public thinks about social media privacy.They found almost 70% of female respondents said they have unfriended individuals, compared to 58% of men who also said yes."

Mediapost [URL=""]reported[/URL] "people are increasingly pruning their online social networks and restricting access to their profiles in the wake of heightened privacy concerns. Nearly two-thirds (63%) have deleted people from friend lists, up from 56% in 2009.
A majority (58%) also limit access to their profiles so only friends can see them. Further, 44% deleted comments from their profiles, up from 36% in 2009, and 37% have removed their names from photos in which they were tagged, up from 30%."

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