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How Do +1s Affect Google Search Rankings

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Some insight on the much speculated, controversial and often debated affects of +1s with Google's new Search Plus Your World. Mashable answers some important questions on the topic and gives some insight on how search rankings are affected by social plus ones.

[B]Does a +1 Affect my Site’s Performance in Social Search?[/B]

The +1 has an indirect effect on your site’s search rank. This does not mean the more +1’s a link has, the higher rank it achieves in traditional search results. Take this scenario:

When a Google+ user +1’s a piece of content, he gives it his “stamp of approval.” Then, say one of his connections from Google+ searches for the same or related topic. Because of Search plus Your World, his friend is more likely to click on the same link the original user +1’d (when a signed-in user searches, his Google results may include snippets annotated with the names of connections who have +1′d the content).

How Does This Relate to SEO?[/B]

Since the +1′d link has a chance at a higher Click-Through-Rate (CTR), there is a greater potential the link will be shared, whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or any social network.

[B]What’s the Take-Away?[/B]

A Google +1 can indirectly lead to a better page rank. A greater number of +1’s increases a link’s potential for a high CTR, which could lead to increased social sharing, and in turn can increase its Google search rank. What’s important to note here is the correlation, not causation, between +1′s, other social shares, and search rank.

For more on this topic, see [URL=""]How Google's +1 Button Affects SEO[/URL].

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