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Super Bowl Commercials Ad Bowl

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The Super Bowl game is the one time of the year when everyone pays attention to the commercials instead of forwarding through them and doing their best to ignore them. Each year, the commercials are often talked about more than the game and this year is no exception. There are over 60 commericials during the Super Bowl, and you can see them all on [URL=""]YouTube's Blitz[/URL] or also see them with commentary from [URL=""]Mashable[/URL].

The Super Bowl broke some of Twitter's "[URL=""]Tweets Per Second[/URL]" records with Madonna's half time performance coming in 3rd place ever with 10.245 tweets per second. And the end of the game coming in 2nd place overall with 12,233 tweets per second.

Both [URL=""]Doritos and Volkswagon[/URL] saw some of the benefits paying off as they both moved into top brands video spots.

ClickZ pointed out some [URL=""]Super Bowl Ad winners and losers[/URL] and some lessons learned.

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial of 2012? Which was your least favorite?

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