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What is ACTA? Why Should You Care?

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There is more legislation for Internet Marketers to be aware about. SOPA and PIPA's European cousin: ACTA is rearing its head and needs some attention. Mashable provided a great explanation about ACTA in case you aren't familiar with it: "ACTA is an international treaty designed to protect intellectual property rights. The agreement was first created by the U.S. and Japan in 2006, and Australia, Canada, Morocco, New Zealand, Singapore and South Korea signed on last year. Whereas SOPA and PIPA were proposed bills in the U.S. House and Senate respectively, ACTA is a plurilateral treaty between the countries that sign on to the agreement.

One of ACTA’s primary goals is the prevention of copyright theft on the Internet. The treaty operates outside already existing international bodies, such as the United Nations (UN) or World Trade Organization (WTO). By signing on to the agreement, countries are agreeing to work with one another on issues of counterfeiting and copyright theft.

While SOPA and PIPA have been relegated to the dustbins of the U.S. Congress, ACTA is gaining life.

Thursday, the [URL=""]European Union (and 22 of its member states) signed on to ACTA[/URL]. More EU states are expected to sign ACTA once such the treaty clears those countries’ own internal political systems.
In the U.S. ACTA is being considered an “executive agreement,” not a “treaty.” When signing a treaty, the president must get at least two-thirds of the Senate’s approval. With executive agreements, the president is allowed to bypass the Senate completely."

Also see: [URL=""]22 EU Countries Ratify ACTA, Key Parliament Member Calls it a ‘Charade’[/URL]

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