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Facebook Timeline is Coming - Ready or Not!

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Get ready for an onslaught of angry Facebook users complaining that their profile page is gone! Timeline is coming whether you like it or not. Facebook announced today that the Timeline deadline is in about a week. Over the next several weeks, everyone's Facebook page will be automatically converted to Timeline. Here are some [URL=""]tips and information from Facebook[/URL] on the Timeline and how to use its features and add privacy to posts.

[URL=""]TechCrunch[/URL] sums it up pretty well in their article: "In case you’re unfamiliar, the Facebook Timeline makes it far easier for you to travel back through your Facebook posts – posts which normally disappeared off your Wall and into oblivion. The posts from these previous months and years are now accessible through new navigational elements on the right-side of your screen that let you quickly travel back in time to the day you were born.You can fill in data from your pre-Facebook years using the new status update box, which now includes support for adding a specific year and various “life events.” These events include things like marriages, births, deaths, new jobs, trips and vacations, new homes, and other things you might want to record in the scrapbook-like Timeline."

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