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Internet Marketing News Weekend Recap

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This last week was a very busy week in Internet news, between Google going social, SOPA protests, Facebook launching new apps, and Anonymous making a comeback and taking down sites there were many news stories to keep up with. This weekend saw the passing of some legends in the world of music and sports, and the combination of all the news stories and the NFL playoffs to determine the Super Bowl took down Twitter. Here is a good list of some catch up articles from [URL=""]Mashable[/URL].[B]

News & Opinion Essentials[/B]
[INDENT][URL=""]The Week That Killed SOPA: A Timeline[/URL]
[URL=""]Twitter Reacts to Death of Joe Paterno[/URL]
[URL=""]Iranian Court Upholds Death Sentence For Programmer[/URL]
[URL=""]Apple Will Own Your Work With iBooks Author[/URL]
[URL=""]Super Bowl XLVI Gets a Social Media Command Center[/URL]
[URL=""]CoTweet Gone: Here Are 7 Great Alternatives[/URL]
[URL=""]3 Social Learning Trends to Watch in 2012[/URL]
[URL=""]Who Did the Most to Bury SOPA? [POLL][/URL]
[URL=""]What Megaupload Teaches Us About the Cloud, SOPA and Backups[/URL]
[URL=""]Twitter Reacts to SOPA’s Burial[/URL][/INDENT][COLOR=#474747][B]Helpful Resources[/B][/COLOR]
[INDENT][URL=""]Facebook Apps: Highlights of the 60 New Integrated Applications[/URL]
[URL=""]StumbleUpon: 10 Tips and Tricks for Power Users[/URL]
[URL=""]6 Things to Know Before Starting a Business[/URL]
[URL=""]5 Firefox Add-Ons for Increasing Productivity[/URL]
[URL=""]StyleSeat Is OpenTable for Beauty Appointments[/URL]
[URL=""]Advertisers, This Is What an NFL Fan Looks Like [INFOGRAPHIC][/URL]
[URL=""]9 Digital Ways to Become a Social Good Hero in 2012[/URL][/INDENT][COLOR=#474747][B]Weekend Leisure[/B][/COLOR]
[INDENT][URL=""]Top 10 Action Games for Android[/URL]
[URL=""]Crowdsourced ‘Star Wars Uncut: The Director’s Cut’ Debuts on YouTube [VIRAL VIDEO][/URL]
[URL=""]Restore Your Faith in Humanity at the Nicest Place on the Internet[/URL]
[URL=""]Wear a Wi-Fi Hotspot With These Cutting-Edge Cufflinks [VIDEO][/URL]
[URL=""]Megaup-Lord of the Rings and 4 Other Hilarious Viral Topics[/URL][/INDENT]

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