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Shari McConahay

QR Code on Tombstones?

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Last week, I reported about QR code tattoos pondering if they are setting foot holes into our culture rather than a passing fad. This week, I am reading about a QR code on a tombstone which serves as a dynamic memorial for the family and generations to come. It is a novel idea, and different families might embrace this way of creating a legacy for ancestors.

The Mashable article quotes the son of the deceased who came up with the idea for the QR code memorial:

"Over time, Medan hopes the QR code and memorial site will help create a lasting history of his mother that will live on for generations. “I was most concerned about 20 or 40 years from now, how will she be remembered. … [I wanted to put] what’s in our memory into a place that doesn’t forget,” he said."

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