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Netflix Takes a Beating this Week

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Netflix has been the center of media attention this week - and not in a good way or for a good reason.

Netflix announced earlier this week that they would be changing their pricing plans effective immediately, resulting in a 60% fee hike for those customer receiving streaming service and DVD delivery. They separated the two services out charging $7.99 for each. This prompted [URL=""]a wave of social media negativity[/URL] and several articles this week in major social media channels highlighting the fact that most customer were upset because [URL=""]Netflix didn't change or add any benefit[/URL], just added to the cost - by a lot!

Tech Crunch article: [URL=""]Dear Netflix, Thanks for the customers. Signed, Redbox[/URL]

After all that, Huffington Post reported on Sunday that [URL=""]Netflix streaming is down[/URL], and the backlash on Twitter makes it seem that Netflix is losing customers and doesn't seem to be gaining any momentum by at least communicating with their customers about the problem or what they are doing to remedy it.

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