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A Guide to Pinterest, How to Get Started & Why

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Pinterest has been in the digital and social media news a lot lately. It was recently dubbed the fastest growing social network. Mashable just released an article featuring a [URL=""]Beginner's Guide to Pinterest[/URL], so here are some tips to get you started:

What is Pinterest for?

[COLOR=#474747]Pinterest can be a really valuable tool for people with a specific purpose in mind. For example, many brides-to-be have replaced bulky three-ring binder wedding planners with the simplicity and portability of a Pinterest account. Some people create a Board for each room in the house and then pin decorating ideas for that room. Artists use it to organize inspiring images for their work. Cooks keep an online recipe box. College students might create a shopping list of things they need to buy for school. DIY-ers can bookmark tutorials for those rainy day projects. Boards can have multiple contributors, so collaborating with co-workers on a project is easy with everyoneís ideas and inspiration in one place.
What's the social angle?

[COLOR=#474747]Pinningís more fun when you do it together. To find other Pinners, access the Everything drop-down menu and filter Boards by category. When you see a good Pin, leave a comment, Like it, or Repin to one of your own Boards. If you find a Board thatís especially interesting, follow its updates, or head to the Pinnerís profile and follow all of her Boards. Like Twitter, itís an open network, so follows donít require permission, and you donít have to follow anyone back.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#474747]You can tweet or share pins on [URL=""]Facebook[/URL] to help expand your network across all three services.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#474747]Check out the Popular button to see what pins are trending at the moment. Itís a great way to find new content and to find Pinners who share your interests.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#474747]Your birthdayís coming up and you really like that necklace on [URL=""]Etsy[/URL], right? Hint, hint by sharing a Pin with another Pinner: Use an @mention in the description, just like you do on other social sites. Theyíll get an email to let them know theyíve been mentioned.[B]

For more on how to set up your account and how to pin to your boards, see [URL=""]Mashable[/URL].

Also see Study Shows Pinterest will Compete with Top 10 Social Networks

[SIZE=2][COLOR=#000000]S[/COLOR][URL=""][/URL][COLOR=#000000]o Pinterest seems social and personal, but can Pinterest work for businesses? If your business sells products that are "pin worthy" then it is definitely worth it to give it a shot. Do you make videos for your business? A site with cute photos? All of those will work well on Pinterest and it is definitely worth giving it a try on a free and up-and-coming social network.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B][/COLOR]

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