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Google + Upgrades & Integration

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Google + gets a big boost with gmail integration, allowing gmail users to share directly from their gmail interface and also see recent Google + posts from email contacts. Google's aim is to make communicating easier and information more readily available. See the Google Blog for more details on [URL=""]Google Plus' Gmail integration[/URL].

Google Plus also has a new "Find My Face" feature, which is facial recognition software and aims at making tagging photos and finding photos easier. It is an option that each user can turn on or off. See [URL=""]Mashable[/URL] for more details.

Another new addition to Blogger makes it easy to share your [URL=""]blog posts right on Google Plus[/URL]. After you publish a post on Blogger, you’ll see a box containing a snippet from your post. Before sharing the post, you can choose which Google+ Circles you’d like to share the post with, add an additional comment if you like.

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