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3 New Digital Gift Buying Ideas

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Just in time for the holiday gift buying season, [URL=""]Mashable[/URL] featured 3 new ideas in digital gift buying:

[COLOR=#474747][B]1. QuickSimple
Quick Pitch:[/B] [URL=""]GiftSimple[/URL] is a gift registry on Facebook.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#474747][B]Genius Idea:[/B] Making it easy for Facebook friends to split the cost of shared gifts.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#474747]GiftSimple, which launched earlier this week, allows users to create a gift list and post it to their Facebook walls. Their friends can easily chip in whatever amount they’d like toward the gift. Even if the recipient doesn’t raise the full amount of the gift, he or she can “cash out” at any time to collect the money raised. The startup collects a 3% fee on the total amount raised.

Quick Pitch:[/B] customizes daily deal vouchers to make them attractive gift certificates.
[B]Genius Idea:[/B] Making daily deals presentable gifts.
The new site lets you choose an occasion-appropriate design for your vouchers, and it moves mention of the daily deal sites where you bought them to a discreet corner. Right now the voucher makeover wizard only works with deals from Tippr, Groupon, Deal-find, and GiltCity, and it only offers six gift certificate designs. More options in both categories are on the way.

[B]3. BarkBox
Quick Pitch:[/B] [URL=""]BarkBox[/URL] is a monthly subscription service that caters to dogs.
[B]Genius Idea:[/B] Carving out a fresh niche in subscription services.
[I]So it’s only natural that Fido gets a holiday gift. And BarkBox wants to be the one that keeps on giving. The startup offers monthly shipments of dog goodies such as bones, treats, shampoos and leashes for a $25-per-month fee.[/I]


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