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Internet Marketing News Weekend Recap

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[B]News & Opinion Essentials[/B][INDENT][URL=""]Carrier IQ Is Misunderstood, Not Evil[/URL]
[URL=""]1.8 Billion Questions Later, ChaCha has Evolved Past Text Message Roots[/URL]
[URL=""]Gingerbread Dominates 50.51% of Android Phones, Five Others Coexist[/URL]
[URL=""]Apple Licensed iOS Scrolling Patent to Nokia, Offered It to Samsung Too?[/URL]
[URL=""]7 New Apps Worth Downloading This Week[/URL]
[URL=""]Facebook iPhone App Updated to Fix Comments Bug[/URL]
[URL=""]Condom Ad Disguised as Facebook Friend Request From Your Future Son[/URL]
[URL=""]Audi Social Media Spokesman Criticized for Tweeting Behind the Wheel[/URL][/INDENT][COLOR=#474747][B]Helpful Resources[/B][/COLOR]
[INDENT][URL=""]10 Historical Events Affected by Social Media[/URL]
[URL=""]9 Ways to Improve Customer Communication on Your Website[/URL]
[URL=""]10 Proven Strategies of High-Performance Teams [INFOGRAPHIC][/URL][/INDENT][COLOR=#474747][B]Weekend Leisure[/B][/COLOR]
[INDENT][URL=""]Tech the Halls: 12 Christmas Decorations for Geeks [PICS][/URL]
[URL=""]Sneak Peek at Santa’s Warehouses: Where Online Gifts Really Come From [PICS][/URL]
[URL=""]Viral Video: Band Brings iPhone Games Into the Real World[/URL]
[URL=""]8 Holiday Apps That Are Just Plain Silly[/URL]
[URL=""]Car of the Future: Toyota Fun Vii Is a Pleasure Palace on Wheels [VIDEO][/URL]
[URL=""]The 10 Most-Retweeted Pics of the Week[/URL]
[URL=""]Watch Santa Yoda, You Must [VIDEO][/URL][/INDENT]

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