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How to Enable the New YouTube Design Now

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From [URL=""]Mashable[/URL]:

[COLOR=#474747]Word on the street is that [URL=""]YouTube[/URL] has a slick new design. Itís a revamped homepage with some pretty tight[URL=""]Google+[/URL] social integration and content discovery features.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#474747]But if youíve fired up your trusty Internet machine and the new YouTube hasnít yet appeared for you, donít fret. Our friends at [I][URL=""]The Verge[/URL] have figured out an easy way (via Google+ user [B][URL=""]Mortiz Tolxdorff[/URL][/B]) to turn on the new features [I]right the heck now[/I].[/I][/COLOR]
[COLOR=#474747][I]At present, the trick only seems to work in [URL=""]Firefox[/URL] and [URL=""]Chrome[/URL]. Open up your browserís development tools:[/I][/COLOR]
[COLOR=#474747][I][B]In Firefox:[/B] Ctrl + Shift + K (Win) | Cmd + Shift + K (Mac)[/I][/COLOR]
[COLOR=#474747][I][B]In Chrome:[/B] Ctrl + Shift + J (Win) | or Cmd + Alt + J (Mac)[/I][/COLOR]
[COLOR=#474747][I]Then add this string of delicious and nutritious code to the console:[/I][/COLOR]
<center style="color: rgb(71, 71, 71); font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; line-height: 21px; ">[I]<code style="margin-top: 0px; margin-right: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px; margin-left: 0px; padding-top: 0px; padding-right: 0px; padding-bottom: 0px; padding-left: 0px; border-top-width: 0px; border-right-width: 0px; border-bottom-width: 0px; border-left-width: 0px; border-style: initial; border-color: initial; outline-width: 0px; outline-style: initial; outline-color: initial; vertical-align: baseline; background-image: initial; background-attachment: initial; background-origin: initial; background-clip: initial; background-color: transparent; ">document.cookie="VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=ST1Ti53r4fU";</code>[/I]</center>[COLOR=#474747][I]Close your development tools, then reload The YouTubes. [I]Voila! A fresh homepage for videos.

[COLOR=#000000]For more on what is new with YouTube once you have followed these steps, see the [/COLOR][URL=""][COLOR=#000000]Mashable article.[/COLOR][/URL][/I][/I][/COLOR]

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