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Groupon Stock Shares Plumetting

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[COLOR=#474747]After an initial IPO that made money for Groupon and initial stock projections for the start up were so promising, the stock prices for Groupon and other tech industry stocks have been declining.

For the second day in a row Tuesday, Groupon shares plummeted — and flirted with falling below the company’s $20 IPO price.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#474747]Groupon shares fell 10% Monday, and were trading for [URL=""]as low as $20.03 around 3pm ET .[/URL][/COLOR]
[COLOR=#474747]Groupon’s wasn’t the only tech stock to see a decline. LinkedIn shares spent part of Monday trading at [URL=""]a 7% discount[/URL]. Monday was the first day that LinkedIn’s early employees and investors were allowed to sell shares after the company’s “lockup period,” a common IPO method of barring early-stage investors from abandoning their stakes in a company.

[URL=""]For more see Mashable.[/URL][/COLOR]

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