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Internet Marketing News Weekend Recap

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If you were out enjoying the fall weather this weekend and catching up on the latest movies at the box office, then tune into The Internet Marketing Club News Weekend Recap:

[COLOR=#474747][B]News & Opinion Essentials[/B][/COLOR][INDENT][URL=""]Top 10 Tech This Week [PICS][/URL]
[URL=""]Bank Transfer Day Attracts 81,900 RSVPs on Facebook[/URL]
[URL=""]Andy Rooney, RIP: 10 of His Best Commentaries [VIDEO][/URL]
[URL=""]Retail Startup Unites Tumblr, Content and Emerging Design[/URL]
[URL=""]Zediva Forced to Permanently Discontinue Service[/URL][/INDENT]
[COLOR=#474747][B]Helpful Resources[/B][/COLOR][INDENT][URL=""]5 iPhone Battery Cases to Keep You Connected Longer[/URL]
[URL=""]How to Retain Your Startup Workforce[/URL]
[URL=""]20 Life-Tracking Tools for Better Health, Wealth and Productivity[/URL]
[URL=""]How To Ace Your Technical Interview[/URL]
[URL=""]3 New Time-Saving Technologies[/URL]
[URL=""]6 Best Practices For Small Business YouTube Marketing[/URL]
[URL=""]5 Places to Get Work Done When You’re Traveling[/URL]
[URL=""]How Algorithms and Editors Can Work Together to Burst the “Filter Bubble”[/URL][/INDENT]
[COLOR=#474747][B]Weekend Leisure[/B][/COLOR][INDENT][URL=""]MTV Europe Music Awards Live Stream[/URL]
[URL=""]Social Media Users In Love: Romance Update [INFOGRAPHIC][/URL]
[URL=""]Siri vs. Furby: When Two Worlds Collide [VIRAL VIDEO][/URL][/INDENT]

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