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[B]From Mashable: Editor’s Picks[/B][HR][/HR]<ul< p="" style="color: rgb(71, 71, 71); font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; line-height: 17px; ">[B][URL=""]“Do a Barrel Roll” on Google, and You Won’t Be Disappointed[/URL][/B]
“Do a barrel roll” has become a trending topic on Twitter and elsewhere, thanks to an Easter egg on Google Search.
[B][URL=""]Steve Jobs Predicts the Future in 1990 [VIDEO][/URL][/B]
In this fascinating raw footage from 1990, Steve Jobs talks at great length to a WGBH-Boston interviewer about his ideas about the direction he saw technology taking.
[B][URL=""]How Much Money Will Consumers Spend This Holiday Season? [INFOGRAPHIC][/URL][/B]
We all know consumers spend more during the Holiday Season than any other time during the year. But did you know 38% of people have already began their yearly shopping extravaganzas?
[B][URL=""]5 Digital Tools That Make Shopping Easier[/URL][/B]
Looking to get a jump on Black Friday deals? These apps will help you secure the best prices and ease shopping headaches.
[HR][/HR][B]Social Media[/B][HR][/HR]
[LIST][*][B][URL=""]The 7 Deadly Sins of Social Good — And How to Avoid Them[/URL] [/B]Every non-profit must fight off the seven deadly sins of social good, but what are they and what kinds of dangers do they pose to well-meaning causes?[*][B][URL=""]Top 25 Most-Shared Stories in October[/URL][/B]
Based on figures from Mashable Follow‘s M Share button, the following 25 stories got the most love, with all of them garnering about 315,000 combined shares on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and Buzz.[/LIST][B]Tech & Mobile[/B][HR][/HR]
[LIST][*][B][URL=""]8 Breakthrough Innovations in Tech[/URL] [/B]Mashable's Tech Innovators Series has covered breakthrough technologies from companies large and small. Here’s a recap, in case you’ve missed it.[*][B][URL=""]Top 4 Ecommerce Tools for WordPress[/URL][/B]
The ability to sell products on a WordPress site has come a very long way. Here are four plugins and frameworks of note.[*][B][URL=""]5 Ways Tech Companies Are Committing to Sustainability [/URL][/B]
As world governments struggle to agree on policies for addressing climate change, corporations may be the ones to pave the way toward a sustainable future.[*][B][URL=""]Beyond Barrel Roll: 10 Hidden Google Tricks [/URL][/B]
The Mountain View-based search giant may not have Apple’s design chops, but it certainly knows how to code a good joke.[/LIST][HR][/HR][B]Business & Marketing[/B][HR][/HR]
[LIST][*][B][URL=""]Can Search Data Be Used to Choose Book Ideas?[/URL][/B]
Hyperink is an ebook publisher that develops titles based on existing demand.[*][B][URL=""]Daily Deals: Beloved by Consumers, Less So by Merchants [INFOGRAPHIC][/URL][/B]
Consumers love daily deals, but what about merchants?[*][B][URL=""]9 Tips for Raising Startup Funds on AngelList[/URL][/B]
AngelList is an online community that matches startups with investors to streamline the fundraising process. Here’s how to strategize on AngelList for startup success.[*][B][URL=""]3 Ways Digital Innovation Can Make Luxury Brands Exclusive Again[/URL][/B][*]Here are three cutting-edge digital technologies that can help save the luxury brand experience.[*][B][URL=""]How Old Spice Revived a Campaign That No One Wanted to Touch[/URL][/B]
See how Wieden + Kennedy figured out how to keep Old Spice’s mojo going after the successful “Man Your Man Could Smell Like” campaign.[*][B][URL=""]7 Ways to Know if a Development Project Is Worth Your Time[/URL][/B]
Software developers need to be able to know whether a client is worth their time and money. Here’s how to recognize a qualified candidate.[/LIST]</ul<>

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