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Groupon IPO In the News

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Groupon's IPO is making headlines and everyone seems to have their eyes on this IPO and watching the start up turn public. There is much speculation and controversy over the costs and potential of the company's future.

Here are some headlines around the net:

[URL=""]From Startup to IPO: Groupon's Major Milestones[/URL]

[URL=""]Is Groupon Really Worth $18 Billion?[/URL]

[URL=""]Enjoy the Ride, Groupon Investors, I'm Outa Here
[URL=""]Groupon's IPO, Biggest by U.S. Web Company Since Google[/URL]
[/URL][URL=""]Groupon IPO Streaks to Good Start But Maybe Short on Fuel

[/URL][URL=""]Here's The Groupon Millionaires (and Billionaires) Club

[/URL][URL=""]Groupon IPO: Shares Soar in Public Market Debut


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