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Tips to Help Your Link Request Emails Get Opened & Answered

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[B]1. [/B][B] Your request gets stuck in spam filters[/B][B]Action:[/B] Avoid words like ‘money’, ‘act now’, or any marketing hype. Spend time understanding what email spam filters do, and how spam alerts are triggered. You can make a good start at with[URL=""]“How Spam Filters Think”[/URL]

[B]2. Your subject line doesn’t persuade your target to open[/B] One of the worst things that you can put in your subject line is “link request” because it simply won’t get opened. Why? well, because people over the years have been inundated with so many link requests that they just know what’s inside, and they have no reason to open it.

[B]3. It’s not clear what you’re asking them to do
[B]Action:[/B] Sit down and write your link request without worrying about the words you use or how many, just get as much as you can written down. Now, go through your copy like an editor would – cut out everything that is superfluous and focus in on ONE main point and make sure that’s in your first paragraph.

[B]4. They’re interested and take a closer look at your site
[/B]Check out [URL=""]Blog Tyrant’s 12 of the best about us pages
[B]5. They look at your social media profile[/B]
Action:[/B] Check out Mark Nunney’s excellent [URL=""]How to Twitter[/URL] and this goldmine of advice on social media from Cindy King [URL=""]17 Marketing tips From The Pros
[B]6. They do a search on your name, your company name or website[/B] Others who are interested but not yet sure might do a Google search.

They’ll not expect to see you rank well for popular keywords, but they will expect you to appear for a search on your own name or your company name. What do they see when they do? You can certainly influence how you appear by making sure you’ve got a personal profile.

[B]Action:[/B] Read Andy Komack on [URL=""]Reputation Conversations Start with Search Results
[B]7. Your prospect doesn’t take immediate action - then forgets[/B]
8. They decide to link but not quite in the way you wanted
[B]Action:[/B] Send them a quick email, direct message them, phone them up and ask. If you’re polite and explain what you want, people are nearly always willing to do what you ask. And the best time to follow up is now - the longer you wait, the less likely they are to make the change. This really works!
[h=3]9. You don’t convert the traffic your links bring[/h]Links are not just for SEO - they bring potential customers to your website and your job is not really over until they convert into business.

[B]10. You don’t build on the opportunity

[SIZE=2][URL=""]More on strengthening your link building techniques.[/URL][/SIZE][/B]

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