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Tips For A Successful Holiday Email Campaign

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Planning ahead can lead to a very successful holiday season, both for your business as well as your personal holiday plans! Here are 5 tips from iContact email marketing experts since 2003.
[LIST=1][*][B]Decide on your goals [/B]– It may sound very basic, but thinking about what you want to achieve with your holiday campaign is critical to creating the right strategy. As you think about your business right now, what is most important? It could be to increase your customer base, profit, or revenue. Keep in mind that it’s unlikely you will be able to do all of these things, so pick one or two.[*][B]Develop your budget[/B] – Your budget will help you decide what channels you can afford to use. Email marketing and social media marketing are two channels that don’t cost much and usually have very high return on investment, so consider making them a major part of your plan.[*][B]Look back at last year[/B] – In looking at what you did (or did not do) last year, what worked and what didn’t? Think about how you can improve upon what you did last year, and don’t be afraid to recycle something that worked particularly well. You can always spin your recycled offer as “back by popular demand.”[*][B]Get familiar with key dates [/B]– You may have the big holidays covered, but there are many other key dates to keep in mind. Are there any quirky holidays you can use to stand out from the crowd? What are the can’t-miss dates for your business? For inspiration, [URL=""]check out our list of the most important holiday marketing dates[/URL].[*][B]Choose what you want to offer[/B] – As a small business, it can be difficult to stand out from the big-box retailers during this season, so make sure you include more than just a discount on your product. Get creative with your offers, and wrap them up in a personal way that only your small business can. If you’re at a loss for new ideas, don’t be afraid to ask your customers. Pose a question on Facebook or Twitter, such as, “What offer would you most like to see from us this holiday season?” Give your customers a few options to choose from (along with a write-in option), and be prepared to use the best idea.[/LIST]For more tips and ideas see the [URL=""]iContact Blog[/URL].

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