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Sunday Evening News Catch Up

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Here is a list of Digital Media Resources from the last week you might have missed courtesy of [URL=""]Mashable[/URL].

[B]Editorial Picks[/B][HR][/HR]
[LIST][*][B][URL=""]How a Blogging Duo Is Changing Fashion Photography With Animated Cinemagraphs[/URL] [/B]Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg have a unique take on fashion photography. Their “cinemagraphs” — artfully animated GIF files — are taking Tumblr by storm, and fashion brands have come calling for their talents.[*][B][URL=""]iPhone 4S, New iPods & Siri: Everything You Need to Know About Apple’s Big Day[/URL][/B]
Just in case you didn’t take off work to follow the story tweet by tweet, here’s a handy summary of what Apple announced on Tuesday.[/LIST][HR][/HR][B]Social Media[/B]
[LIST][*][B][URL=""]Blogger Outreach: 5 Tips for Connecting With Top Influencers[/URL][/B]
Connecting your business or products with the right bloggers can really pay dividends, but it’s easier said than done. These 5 best practices will set you on the right path.[*][B][URL=""]Why Richard Branson Always Makes Time for Social Media[/URL][/B]
Between meeting with climate entrepreneurs, checking out new space vehicles and hobnobbing with pop stars, Richard Branson still finds time to tweet. We asked him why it’s so important for CEOs to stay social.[*][B][URL=""]Social Marketing: 3 Ways to Reach the Head-of-Household[/URL][/B]
The best marketing practices for reaching the modern day head-of-household have to be completely redefined. Here are three social tactics to learn from.[*][B][URL=""]How New Labor Guidelines Could Affect Your Social Media Policy[/URL][/B]
The National Labor Relations Board recently released a report about cases involving social media in the workplace. Here are some key takeaways as you craft your policy.[*][B][URL=""]YouTube’s 20 Most-Shared Ads This Month [VIDEOS][/URL][/B]
Which commercials got the most traction on the social web this past September? Enjoy our list of the top 20.[*][B][URL=""]Social TV: How Content Producers Can Engage Their Audiences in New Ways[/URL][/B]
Television shows are having an impact on social media, and social media is having an impact on shows. But how can producers tap into this burgeoning “intermedia” exchange?[*][B][URL=""]What Banks and Lenders Know About You From Social Media[/URL][/B]
Consumers should be aware that any public information is fair game in this economic environment, and social media may be the newest cautionary landscape.[/LIST][HR][/HR][B]Tech & Mobile[/B][HR][/HR]
[LIST][*][B][URL=""]The Significant 7: The Most Influential Phones of the Past 10 Years[/URL] [/B]We have taken a look back at some of the most significant consumer mobile phones in the last 10 years — a decade in which a huge amount has changed in the industry.[*][B][URL=""]Jeff Bezos is No Steve Jobs — But Amazon Could Be the Next Apple[/URL] [/B]Whether or not Bezos is as regarded as the former Apple CEO is immaterial. What matters: whether Amazon is poised to become the next Apple.[*][B][URL=""]3 New Apps for Sharing Gifts, Trips & Products[/URL][/B]
This week in our weekly startup roundup, we highlight products that are helping friends share content and products.[*][B][URL=""]3 Reasons VoIP Phones Make Sense for Small Businesses[/URL][/B]
With cutting-edge functionality, easy-to-use features and an enhanced customer support experience, VoIP is especially suited to the needs of small business.[*][B][URL=""]HOW TO: Reduce the Spam in Your Inbox, Mailbox and Voicemail[/URL][/B]
Tired of unwanted marketing messages in your digital and analog inboxes? Here are some steps for cutting down on the dreaded spam.[*][B][URL=""]7 Tech Breakthroughs That Empower People With Disabilities[/URL][/B]
These high-tech assistive devices are making some limitations of disabled people a thing of the past.[*][B][URL=""]How an iPad Browser Could Change the Way You Search[/URL][/B]
The search bar tries hard, but it’s just never reached its potential for efficiently finding information on touch devices. Kikin founder Carlos Bhola hopes to replace it with a “touch to learn” contextual search that opens within the page.[/LIST][HR][/HR][B]Business & Marketing[/B][HR][/HR]
[LIST][*][B][URL=""]Product Development: 9 Steps for Creative Problem Solving [INFOGRAPHIC][/URL][/B]
Sometimes the business world’s focus on critical thinking does a disservice to the value of creative thinking. These 9 steps are key to success in new product development.[*][B][URL=""]HOW TO: Leverage LinkedIn for Your SEO Campaign[/URL][/B]
Smart link building is all about making connections to real people, and blogger outreach is key. Here’s how to find and connect with the best writers via LinkedIn.[*][B][URL=""]How Magazines Are Adapting to the Mobile Revolution[/URL][/B]
Magazine editors discuss early lessons from tablet publishing, and the challenges of extending their content to a proliferating number of tablet sizes and platforms.[*][B][URL=""]How Kraft Updated Macaroni & Cheese for the Twitter Age[/URL][/B]
Kraft’s recent “You know you love it” campaign took to the social web to remind consumers that Mac & Cheese isn’t just for kids. Was it a success?[*][B][URL=""]How StumbleUpon Went From Humble Browser Plugin to Social Juggernaut[/URL][/B]
Mashable spoke with StumbleUpon CEO Garrett Camp about the startup’s evolution from apartment project to dominant web presence, its impending international expansion and why young entrepreneurs should stay in school.[*][B][URL=""]The Secret to Achieving 3X Better Fundraising Results [INFOGRAPHIC][/URL][/B]
Are you ready to learn the secret of a successful fundraising campaign? A combination of targeting potential donors online and offline, simultaneously.[*][B][URL=""]The Rise of the Distributed Agency Model[/URL][/B]
The Internet makes the remote work force a viable alternative to costly office space and equipment. What does it take for a business to succeed as a distributed team?[/LIST]

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