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Facebook News of the Week

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Facebook's changes have been revolutionary, the social network giant has made so many changes to its platform lately that it is a big topic in the media and social discussions. The InternetMarketingClub news has compiled a list of articles and commentaries over the last week so that you can see all of the latest on Facebook in one place:

[URL=""]Facebook's New Advertising Strategy is Brilliant and Unexpected

[/URL][URL=""]Facebook Introduces Expandable Ad Unit

[/URL][URL=""]Will Your Brand Succeed on the New Facebook?

[/URL][URL=""]Facebook Says Its Looking Beyond Click Throughs

[/URL][URL=""]Facebook Launches new Feature "People Talking About"[/URL]

[URL=""]Talk is Cheap, Facebook Gives Brands a new Rainbow to Chase
[URL=""]Facebook Delays Timeline Launch in Legal Controvesy
[URL=""]New Facebook: What It Means for Local Marketers[/URL]


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