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Facebook Week in Review

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Each day there seems to be a great deal of news and updates about the various Facebook changes and user and media reaction to it. The IMC News has compiled a list of this week's Facebook articles and updates for you to see all in one place:

[URL=""]Five Facebook Changes and What You Need to Know

F[/URL][URL=""]acebook Defends Getting Data From Logged Out Users

M[/URL][URL=""]arketers. Facebook is Not About You

Facebook Gives $10 Million in Free Advertising to Small Businesses

H[/URL][URL=""]ow Facebook Timeline Might Radically Change the Look of Brand Pages

F[/URL][URL=""]acebook Users Beware: Facebook's New Feature Could Embarrass You

[/URL][URL=""]5 Ways Facebook's New Features Will Fuel Social Shopping

[/URL][URL=""]Facebook Creates More Jobs Than U.S.

[/URL][URL=""]Facebook WIll Never Charge You To Use It, Here's Why

[/URL][URL=""]PayPal & EBay Get Friendly with Facebook

[/URL][URL=""]Business Insider Chart of the Day: Time Spent on Facebook is Growing at an Astonishing Rate


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