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Facebook's changes have been creating such a media stir and controversy among users a flurry of articles are posted each day now. Here at the Internet Marketing Club News, we have compiled a list of articles about Facebook and it's changes to help you keep on top of what's happening with the Facebook changes all in one place.

[URL=""]Facebook News: The We Reacts[/URL]

[URL=""]Facebook End Anonymous "Defriending"[/URL] An article earlier today explained that among the new changes for Facebook one of them is that your friends are now notified when you unfriend them.

[URL=""]Unfriending "bug" Fixed![/URL] Mashable later reported that the "bug" showing people who unfriended you over the years had been fixed and is no longer visible.

[URL=""]The New Facebook: 3 Major Implications[/URL]

[URL=""]Facebook's Redesign: Will It Connect?[/URL]

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