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Google and The Senate Hearing

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Google Chairman Eric Schmidt just [URL=""]testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee[/URL] about whether Google serves customers or threatens competition.

Here are 10 quotes from that hearing from Mashable, some might be witty quotes, but others are very telling about Google's obvious dominance. Whether it is a violation of consumer rights or monopolistic - that is for our elected officials to decide.

“We regret what happened and it was a mistake.”[INDENT][COLOR=#474747]- Eric Schmidt on the [URL=""]illegal pharmacy search results[/URL][/COLOR][/INDENT]
[HR][/HR]“I recently Googled myself on Google.”[INDENT][COLOR=#474747]- Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn.[/COLOR][/INDENT]
[HR][/HR]“We have to represent the web how it is and not how we wish it to be.”[INDENT][COLOR=#474747]- Eric Schmidt on pirated content in search results[/COLOR][/INDENT]
[HR][/HR]“I love Google.”[INDENT][COLOR=#474747]- Al Franken, D-Minn.[/COLOR][/INDENT]
[HR][/HR]“If you don’t know, who does?”[INDENT][COLOR=#474747]- Al Franken questioning Schmidt about Google’s knowledge of its own favoritism in its search algorithm[/COLOR][/INDENT]
[HR][/HR]“And ultimately, [URL=""]we bought a company called Zagat[/URL] to do something similar.”[INDENT][COLOR=#474747]- Eric Schmidt on Yelp[/COLOR][/INDENT]
[HR][/HR]“Some of my fears have been confirmed by our conversation.”[INDENT][COLOR=#474747]- Mike Lee, R-Utah[/COLOR][/INDENT]
[HR][/HR]“I would estimate that two-thirds of Android phones come with Google services pre-loaded.”[INDENT][COLOR=#474747]- Eric Schmidt on Android phones that ship with Google apps[/COLOR][/INDENT]
[HR][/HR]“You run the racetrack, own the racetrack, you didn’t have horses for a while but now you do and your horses seem to be winning.”[INDENT][COLOR=#474747]- Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., comparing Google to a horse race[/COLOR][/INDENT]
[HR][/HR]“Google might be doping the horses.”[INDENT][COLOR=#474747]- Al Franken, extending the metaphor[/COLOR][/INDENT]

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