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Changes at Facebook

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Facebook seems to be updating and upgrading itself faster than users can post status updates lately.

First, [URL=""]Facebook changed how we can share updates and with who[/URL].

Then there was [URL=""]testing new friends fliters.[/URL]

Next they started [URL=""]grouping email notifications into daily updates[/URL].

Then they [URL=""]revamped the friends lists[/URL].

Now they are allowing users to [URL=""]subscribe to public updates[/URL] from users even if they are not friends.

Also see: [URL=""]Facebook Subscribe Button: What It Means for Each Type of User
Mari Smith makes sense of the [URL=""]Facebook Subscribe[/URL] button.

Are all the changes to keep up with Google+ or just innovation?

UPDATE: 9/16/2011

Facebook changes are continuing to happen:

[URL=""]Smart lists[/URL] have shown up on the left column allowing you to group friends into categories and autmatically setting up your family in one, if you have your family settings set already. Facebook also provides suggestions to you for these lists based on what it knows about your previous settings and activities.

The [URL=""]Facebook search bar[/URL] has become static and remains in place as you scroll down the page. Speculation is that this is part of a larger design update that will be rolled out at the F8 conference.

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    The changes look even more substantial when they are put all together like this. Facebook is putting up a good fight to remain relevant!