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Keys for Conversion Optimization

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Optimizing conversion rates is one of the main goals of any online business, whether the business sells products, services or whatever the goal is, conversions need to be analyzed and can always be studied and improved upon. Here are 5 keys for conversion optimization from Search Engine Weekly:

[B]1. Relevancy[/B]
[LIST][*]Make sure the H1 closely resembles the key phrase used to drive traffic.[*]Use images to reinforce relevance as the image is likely to be one the first things that catches the eye in the critical two seconds that follow the page load. Be sure to apply action captions that also use relevant text.[*]Use keywords in scannable content portions.[*]Domain relevancy is shockingly important. Weíve found through domain split testing that keyword relevant brands can increase conversion rates upwards of 4x, which in the case of one client was the difference between +/- ROI.[/LIST][B]2. Proposition[/B]
Itís imperative for a user to be able to understand your business proposition quickly and efficiently.

[B]3. Trust[/B]
Empirically, this is one of the most overlooked factors that can have a dramatic impact on conversion rates. Users are habituated to search for genuine trust signals that help them judge the credibility of a page and, to a certain extent, the brand.

[B]4. Understand User Intent[/B]
Think of a conversion as a two-way communication between a brand and a consumer. Converting this traffic requires a firm understanding of your brandís unique sales cycle, the userís confidence level in your offering/brand, and the userís position in the buy cycle based on conversion.

[B]5. Remove Distractions
[LIST][*]Remove all global navigation from your PPC templates.[*]JQuery is a great way to prevent users from leaving the sales funnel. Try using tabbed pages or JS overlays to keep users on the page in order to access less essential information such as highlights from the ďabout usĒ page.[*]Avoid off-topic content that will fracture focus and burden the user.[*]Avoid distracting images such as those with poor lighting or odd angles/sizes.[*]Limit the amount of information requested in conversions. Require only the most essential customer data required to move the sales forward.[*]Keep messaging on-point![/LIST]For full details on these tips, see [URL=""]SEW[/URL].

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