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Social Media Platform Updates

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The social media platforms have been making changes and updates fast and furiously lately trying to keep up with each other and compete for your attention. The winner in the social media competition is really the users. The users are benefitting from increased usability and enhanced features. Here are a few recent changes that were rolled out in the last 10 days:

Facebook changed their sharing options, making it easier to restrict privacy and choose who you are sharing each post with. It even has a retro feature, where users can retoractively change what is shared and with who. For more on this topic:

[URL=""]Social Media Examiner[/URL]

[URL=""]Scobleizer Blog

[/URL]The Google+ Button has been adapted to share more data within circles. In addition, Google+ now lets users block and ignore other users. Both of these new features are giving Plusers added control in their circles and sharing networks.

For more on G+ Features:
Social Media Examiner
[URL=""]The Google Blog
Twitter users now can add photo galleries to their profiles, allowing more photo sharing with Twitter Buds.

For more info about Twitter Galleries, see [URL=""]Twitter's announcement[/URL].

Not to be outdone, LinkedIn also added some a new usability feature, it now suggests groups that users may be interested in joining.

See the [URL=""]LinkedIn Blog[/URL] for more info.

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